Slow down

They say that i should

stay inside

that we should be quarantined

whatever that means

but i don’t want to

be all on my own


i guess i'll turn the

office on and watch for

the 17th time like its on rewind, because theres nothing else for me to do


it feels like the world is ending. i swear that head

is spinning. thought my friends were pretending



yea maybe if slow down

we can look around and

see all that we got now

it that ain’t bad i think i

like it what i've found out

lets slow it down

down down

yea maybe if we just quit

all the social media

that were obsessed with

take a second call your parents I’m sure they miss 

the way you sound. yea

maybe we should

slow it down


all i got is time to kill

i think that ill read a book

or maybe learn to cook 

but i know ill never be no bobby flay 


so maybe ill mow the lawn,

but no one’s coming over

tho so ill just let it

grow. ill worry bout it another day


Jared Minnix ​is back in 2020 with his latest offering ‘​Slow Down’​. The single marks a difficult time for all of us across the world. speaking of the troubles of self isolation and the worrying times we are living in, ​Jared shows us a different perspective on the situation.

Also debuting his first ​Official Music Video,​Jared is aiming to guide us through these troubled times with fresh and relevant content, speaking to bring joy to others in this crazy world.

Jared Minnix​ is a pop artist based out of Nashville, TN.​ Under​ L​yrichouse Publishing’s roster, Jared’s music has been played on national television shows such as MTV’s Teen Mom.​ Self producing his last three singles, Jared continues to grow not only as an artist, but as a producer also.


Jared’s sound is a unique take on today's current pop music. Though Minnix thrives in pop music, he is a well-versed guitarist across all genres. The Virginia native moved to Nashville, TN in 2015 in pursuit of his passion.

Jared spent his first few years on n​ational billboard tours​ as ​lead guitarist​ for rising country artists. His extensive professional background in multiple genres has led to a new take on his own artistry. With all energy focused on his artistry, he has been able to hone in on crafting his own sound.

 "slow down"  OUT NOW 





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