Verse 1
With all the hotel keys in my wallet

Every other airline ticket that I lost

Finding all these memories in my pocket

Guess I kept them there
Should of left em

Back home now, I think that I hate it
Feel so far, and I can’t fake this
I tried to hard

things aren’t the same anymore


Sooner or later
We’d said that we couldn’t change it

And now it’s driving me crazy yea


Cause I didn’t know it was the last time

Find my way back, into my past life

Whatever we had I know it felt right

Wish I could go back now to that night

But I didn’t know it was the,

Last time Last time


Verse 2
Whether it was Carhartt Beanies
Or your high heels on
Coldplay playing in my beat-up car

Cigarettes burns on the passenger door

stay up too late
When I’m at your place

Last seat open in the back of the plane

Wanted one last kiss
To send me away
Like the first time that you
Ever spoken my name
I wish that I would have stayed



Jared's next single "Carhartt Beanies" is set to release July 1st. Written with Pop artist and producer Joel Blackmon, this upbeat song sets the tone for Minnix’s future releases this year. Jared’s previous release of “LMLY" under record label MMXVAC has now been streamed over 500,000 times!


Jared Minnix​ is a pop artist based out of Nashville, TN.​ Under​ L​yrichouse Publishing’s roster, Jared’s music has been played on national television shows such as MTV’s Teen Mom and Siesta Keys.​ Self-producing several of his singles, Jared continues to grow not only as an artist but as a producer also.


Jared’s sound is a unique take on today's current pop music. Though Minnix thrives in pop music, he is a well-versed guitarist across all genres. The Virginia native moved to Nashville, TN in 2015 in pursuit of his passion. 

Jared spent his first few years on national billboard tours​ as ​lead guitarist​ for rising country artists. With his extensive professional background in multiple genres, Jared has also co-written songs for other artists that have amassed over 40 million streams. With all energy now focused on his artistry, he has been able to hone in on crafting his own sound.





• 1.4 million streams across all music platforms

• featured on EARMILK music blog

• Added to multiple Spotify Editorial playlists such as “Fresh Finds Pop”, “New Music Friday Cratediggers”, & "Heartbeats"

• Previous releases have appeared on multiple MTV shows including Teen Mom, Siesta Key, and Teen Mom OG.

• Currently on Lyric House Publishing roster