Yea I know that it’s true

I’ve been looking for the

Answers without you

But aint no money gonna

Love me like you do

Cause I’m a fool

No aint nobody gonna

Love me like you


I’ve been working

But I aint perfect

Got so many lessons

That I can learn still

Yea I know that I’m not

Where I want to be now

But with you I know you 

see the best in me


I’ll stop trying to

Act like I can change it

When it’s your job to

Take away all this pain

 I will lay it down don’t got 

to carry this no more

I’ll let it go and just

Trust in who you are


You got everything

That I could need In a lifetime

Yea you say all that you have

Is already mine


Yea I know that it’s true

I’ve been looking for the

Answers without you

But aint no money gonna

Love me like you do cause 

I’m a fool If I think that I can earn 

It when I don’t even deserve it I

 Know you don’t need permission

Or my blinded point of view

To tell you where and where i 

Think that you should move

You always do Aint nobody

 Ever gonna love me like you


I need forgiveness 

Need to surrender

Cause I’ve been running

So far from what I’m meant for

But it don’t matter how far

That i can go you will always find 

A way to bring me close



Jared's next single "LMLY" (love me like you) is now officially out! Released under the record label mmxvac and produced by: With Løve (Kevin Learst), the collaboration provides a fresh hip hop influenced sound. Minnix sings about his struggle with fulfillment, as he tells us “It's was like I trying to find an answer to question that I never asked”.


Paired with his first full production music video,​ Jared will be bringing an entirely new visual direction with this release.

Jared Minnix​ is a pop artist based out of Nashville, TN.​ Under​ L​yrichouse Publishing’s roster, Jared’s music has been played on national television shows such as MTV’s Teen Mom.​ Self producing his last three singles, Jared continues to grow not only as an artist, but as a producer also.


Jared’s sound is a unique take on today's current pop music. Though Minnix thrives in pop music, he is a well-versed guitarist across all genres. The Virginia native moved to Nashville, TN in 2015 in pursuit of his passion.

Jared spent his first few years on n​ational billboard tours​ as ​lead guitarist​ for rising country artists. His extensive professional background in multiple genres has led to a new take on his own artistry. With all energy focused on his artistry, he has been able to hone in on crafting his own sound.